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Oct 4, 2012 11:30pm PDT
against paul ryan. >>> governor romney said his controversial remarks about the 48%, he said those comments were wrong. he was talking about his comments that 48% of americans were dependent on the government. he now says they were completely wrong. >> they were great great friends. >> new details about an argument between bay area friends that ended >>> play often fever is gripping both sides of the bay. ktvu's amber lee live in san francisco with how businesses are trying to recapture the magic they last saw during the giant's world series win. >> reporter: gasia, it's october orange. a tribute to the giant's success. landmarks such as coit tower are aglow and has businesses seeing green. the w hotel south of market has sold out this weekend at $400 to $500 a room per night. the giants playing the first play off game at home this weekend is the reason for all the hype. >> it's the local residents coming in, not so much the out of towners. they come in and make a whole package deal out of it. >> reporter: across the city in alameda, it's the a's that are bringing out the fans. the
Oct 5, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. >> the guys from bad lip-reading are back. this time paul ryan is their victim, vice presidential candidate for the republican. these are all videos from paul ryan's video diary. >> look at them 40 pieces while sipping soda and we'll sing chicago. >> head over to our website, and click on. >> best of rtm. >>> at number six, everyone in the pool. >> i have a couple of videos from across the pond and uk. this one i'm sure you've not seen before. this is a man being dragged out of a pool by two fully dressed uniformed police officers. >> did he fall asleep while swimming? >> apparently he was causing a nuisance in the pool. he reportedly was screaming at kids swimming around because they were splashing water. sounds like maybe he had a temper. >> you know the cops are ticked. soaking wet now. >> eventually it was determined there really was nothing to do here so they ended up giving him a ride to his house. >> that is the weirdest story ever. >> some dude put on grumpy trunks. you're in a pool in the middle of the afternoon. what have you got to be sad about. >> this is our
Oct 7, 2012 11:30pm PDT
all night. that means the rest was alled padding for the reds. they got three more in the fourth. ryan haddingan drives in two. baumgartner was gone after 4- 1/3. tim lincecum two innings and released, then it was announced he would not play in game three. bruce goes to second with a double. drives in two more. if you want to see any moment that typified how the giants feel about the developments of the last two months that's it. mojara showing you after he comes into the bullpen after being removed. an elimination game for san francisco. mark ibanez is live. no mystery in these two games, giant's bats went quiet at the wrong time. >> reporter: you've seen it before. the giants a couple of weeks to spare. all that momentum has disappeared. people were talking about how quiet the crowd was out here at at&t. it's tough to be loud and abnoxious and get it all going when there's nothing to pull for. arroyo did not give up a hit until the 11th. this is a guy who has had very little postseason success. the giants know with their backs up against the wall, down 2-0. headed to cincinnati they
Oct 8, 2012 11:30pm PDT
and help the rebels topple the president. >>> paul ryan will face off in a debate against joe biden. today he was still on the campaign trail where he was introduced by kid rock to a crowd in michigan. biden is prepping for the debate. he said he has been studying campaign positions and promises to hold ryan responsible while sticking to the facts. you can watch it live here on ktvu channel 2news. it starts at six. a special edition of the news. >> the polls opened up in many counties for early voting. kara lieu says why -- some votes may not be counted. >> 22-year-old allen cast his ballot early today because he is headed to thailand for ten months. >> if you care anything about the country like this is the one thing you can do as a person. >> reporter: it turns out they are nearly four times more likely to have their ballot thrown out because of a rejected signature. >> signature is like your security key. >> reporter: elections chief said that -- his office noticed the spike in rejected significance tours in 2010. >> maybe the older population. we ran the study. it wasn't the older
Oct 7, 2012 1:30am PDT
this event can swing them either way." vice president ryan brewer saw this debate as a pivotal point for mitt romney and wants to see the republican take the oval office this fall. brewer "if you look at history, no president has ever won reelection with unemployment over 7.4%. today we are over eight, and i think that speaks a lot to people like me, a student thats going to be graduating in the future. i want to see someone who is good for the economy and good for my wallet." former pi sigma alpha president donna spencer is confident in president obama's plan. she thinks he is deserving of the second term in office and was excited to see the president defeat the opposition. donna "i'm here to watch the first presidential debate because i think its important that we're able to watch mr. obama wipe the floor with mr. romney. i think in terms of likability, which is what many people vote about, do we want to have this guy in our livingroom? i think there's no question that obama is the winner." many experts believe this debate was mitt romney's to win and he had to deliver in order to gain need
Oct 6, 2012 11:30pm PDT
because he is gay. ryan anderson's mother started this on-line petition which know has more than 328,000 signatures. the moraga teenager said hisfiable project, an antibullying tolerance was rejected by a scoutmaster because he admitted he is gay there. are reports of eagle scouts returning their badges and some businesses and charities say they will no longer donate to the scouts until the organization end it's no-gays policy. >>> mountain lions are moving west from nevada into california. that is according to a new report. research's rers say that may because the sierra nevada has more food for the big cats to eat or it might be because mountain lions are hunted in nevada, but not in california. california is home to an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 mountain lions compared to 3,000 in nevada. >>> it looked a little bit like a rodeo in downtown oakland today. >> hundreds came out for the annual oakland black cowboy heritage parade and festival in west oakland. congresswoman barbara lee waived to the crowd and city councilman ignacio district attorney [ male announcer ] citibank's app fo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6